Gastric Bypass Surgery: Is It Advisable for You?

Laparoscopic Roux- en-Y Gastric bypass, a minimally invasive surgery, limits the amount of food a person can eat and creates hormonal changes, leading to weight loss. This procedure facilitates weight reduction by changing the way stomach and small intestine handle food. Whether we talk about Australia, United States or for that matter any other part of the world, gastric bypass surgery is considered one of the most effective surgical solutions to loose weight, which explains the increasing number of gastric bypass clinics, around the globe. There are, however, certain preconditions that a person needs to meet in order to qualify for undergoing a gastric bypass surgery. Let’s take a look.

Qualification Factors

Medical Condition

Every patient’s medical condition needs to be evaluated to be considered a candidate for surgery. That’s because issues such as blood clots, liver disease, nutritional deficiencies, and heart problems may increase the risks associated with the surgery.


Although there is no specific age limit for a patient to undergo a bypass gastric surgery, the risks associated increase with age. We do not recommend this surgery for patients less than 18 years of age. Similarly, the procedure is unadvisable for elderly patients.

Nutrition and Weight History

We consider the nutrition and weight history to determine the eligibility of the patient to undergo the surgery. Diet and weight trends, stress level, and exercise routine are some of the key[made changes within the document itself..many thanks] factors that determine the eligibility of a patient for surgery.

Psychological Health

Obesity, substance abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, or binge-eating disorder make it difficult for the patients to get the expected results from gastric bypass surgery. If a patient suffers from any of these conditions, the doctors may postpone the surgery till the conditions are appropriately treated and managed.


If patients are not motivated, it may be difficult for them to follow recommendations made by the doctors, before and after the surgery. This is the reason why doctors assess the willingness and ability of the patients to follow the changes in the diet and exercise routine.

Pre-surgery Requirements

If approved for gastric bypass surgery, a patient needs to follow instructions given by the doctor and prepare in advance for the surgery. The team of healthcare professionals may impose restrictions on the diet, and recommend the patient to undergo lifestyle counseling to cope with the changes. We recommend a patient to quit smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery and follow an exercise regime.

Last Few Words

In addition to the above mentioned factors, alcohol intake and prescribed medications are also considered to determine whether the person is fit to undergo the surgery. Patients may also need to go through a physical examination. Losing weight with the help of gastric bypass surgery helps in managing and preventing a number of medical conditions, such as Asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type-2 Diabetes, and Sleep Apnea. However, for the procedure to deliver the best possible results; post surgery, patients need to keep a close check on their eating habits, and follow a regular exercise routine.


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