4 Cool Workouts to Follow Post Bariatric Surgery

4-cool-workouts-to-follow-post-bariatric-surgeryKeeping a check on weight gain after bariatric surgery becomes difficult once you resume your sedentary lifestyle and find it difficult to resist junk food. Even after the weight loss surgery, you do not shed weight overnight, you have to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to achieve your weight loss goals. Though you may have already done your homework and discussed your plans with your bariatric surgeons in Perth or any other place, doing same things repeatedly can get boring over the time. To make your workout regime a little fun, post bariatric surgery, this blog post lists five cool and exciting workout classes that are sure to help you stay fit.

1. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is not only fun, but also help you keep a check on your weight. You can simultaneously strengthen your arms, legs and core, while improving your flexibility. You will be surprised to see how engaging pole dance session are, and do wonders in terms of body fitness.

2. Urban Rebounding

How often have you seen gymnasts and acrobats perform sensational routines on a trampoline! Flipping on a trampoline is actually fun, and those of you who have done it in your adolescence will vouch for it. All you need to do is enrol in an urban rebounding class and enjoy mini trampoline jumping while not worrying about the weight gain. You can also rent a DVD and a mini trampoline to do it at your home.

3. Indo Boarding

People who have undergone bariatric surgery in Perth or any other place can include indo boarding as a part of their workout regime. Indo boarding lets you surf, and without splashing waters! It is a plank set up over a cylinder, to help you work on the coordination, balance, and core muscles of your body. It is a great workout, and fun activity, that helps you keep a check on body fat.

4. Suspension Training

Lastly, we have the suspension training classes, the fitness regimen popularized by Jennifer Lopez. This workout lets you work upon your body’s core strength and stability, by making you move your body weight against gravity. You are exposed to a variety of lifts, planks, and other forms of suspended body activities working up your way.

Wrapping up

Bariatric surgery alone cannot help you achieve the desired weight loss unless followed by a healthy lifestyle. You need to put aside your sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Include moderate to difficult exercises into your daily schedule, not only help you prevent fat accumulation post surgery, but also instill confidence and energy. You can always look for newer workout plans and classes to keep away the monotony associated with day to day gym workouts. Lastly, discuss your workout plans with your obesity surgeon in Australia before getting started.


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